Home Depot Corporate has changed the Host ordering process. There are now four Merchant Assistants that process host orders separately for Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, and Ceramic Tile Hardsets. 

New Protocol: Ordering 81792 Displays

  • Your 81792 display selections must now be separated between Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, and Ceramic Tile Hardset Displays before completing and submitting your order.
  • Wood orders must only contain wood displays before submitting the order.
  • Laminate orders must only contain laminate displays before submitting the order. 
  • Vinyl orders must only contain vinyl displays before submitting the order.
  • Ceramic tile hardsets must only contain ceramic tile hardsets before submitting the order. 


Please note that submitting multiple orders for the same category will generate multiple POs and doing so can cause a delay in getting them into your store. Please be sure to consolidate your display selections with one order per category. If we see multiple orders within the same category per day, we will be forced to cancel them. 

Thank you,  CMG